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Motorcycle GAP Insurance

It's easy 2 get a cheap Motorcycle GAP Insurance insurance quote

It’s a sad fact that vehicle crime counts for a significant percentage of all reported crime in the UK. You may, yourself, be aware of someone who has had their vehicle stolen and not been able to replace it with a vehicle of the same worth – even though they had a fully comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy.

Beating Depreciation

Imagine you’d just bought yourself a Honda Shadow RS and, one night, while you’re eating in your favourite restaurant, it’s stolen. While most motorcycle insurance policies will protect against situations such as theft, they will not pay out for the cost of your bike at the time you bought it. Instead, they will offer to pay out the cover of its depreciated value which, as any bike or car owner knows, will have dropped considerably from the moment you drove it off the forecourt. takes the hardship out of trying to find those policies that can otherwise be elusive. In instances when you’ve really paid out for a bike, we’d recommend searching for a motorcycle GAP insurance quote. In case you’re not familiar with it, motorbike GAP insurance pays where other forms of policy do not. In the event that your motorcycle is stolen within the set geographical area and within the period of insurance, a motorbike GAP insurance policy will pay the difference between the market value of your bike at the time it was stolen and the purchase price.

Get that Quote

For most people, finding a motorcycle GAP insurance quote that offers the best cover at the best price is extremely difficult. However, in our 25 years as one of the UK’s leading independent brokers, we have achieved ‘preferred broker’ status with a number of the UK’s leading insurers, meaning we have access to the deals that other people don’t. Using us to source your motorbike GAP insurance means that you are trusting to a company that is not required to push a particular product, but can offer you the right policy for your specific needs. We find the best policy, offering the best cover and at the best price.

For an instant motorbike GAP insurance quote now, call us direct on 0800 917 9522 and find out why we’re the best in the business.

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