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It's easy 2 get a cheap Handbag Insurance insurance quote

Owning a classic Louis Vuitton or trendsetting Gucci handbag is one of life’s little luxuries. As you walk down the street, you feel a million dollars with it on your arm. A designer handbag can also prove to be a canny investment, with some models holding their value or even increasing value. Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to leave your handbag on the train. You can be the target of thieves. Or there can be an accident at work and something gets spilt on your bag, ruining your pride and joy. Luckily, handbag insurance can give you peace of mind you’re covered financially if something does happen.

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    How insurance can help make life stress-free

    Losing a valuable handbag can be a very stressful experience, particularly when travelling abroad on holiday. Fortunately, our comprehensive handbag cover and manbag insurance protects you financially if the worst does happen. That gives you peace of mind whether you’re hiking through Europe or popping to your local supermarket.

    Do I need handbag insurance?

    First, you need to think about whether it is worth taking out handbag insurance. To decide if you need handbag insurance, ask yourself these questions:

    1) Do I own an expensive designer handbag?

    Like watches or jewellery, a designer handbag is a significant investment.

    If you own one or more designer bags, consider:

    • Would you want to replace your bag if something happens to it?
    • If so, can you easily afford to replace it?

    If you would want to replace a lost, stolen or damaged bag, but cannot easily afford to do so it is worth considering insuring your handbag. Insurance will pay out to replace the bag, so you’re not left footing an unexpected bill.

    2) Is my handbag already covered by my household contents insurance?

    Before you get a quote for handbag insurance, check the personal possessions section of your home contents policy first. This might already provide you with the cover you need for peace of mind.


    • Do you have cover for personal possessions outside the home? If not, your handbag is likely to only be covered when it is inside the insured property.
    • If you have personal possession cover specified, is the value of your handbag above the threshold for individual items? Remember, the cost of replacing your handbag could be more than the amount you paid for it.
    • Would the cost of replacing your handbag and your other personal possessions take you above the limit? Remember that if you lose your bag or it is stolen, you lose the contents too. That could include your phone, sunglasses, and your wallet. Replacement costs can quickly mount up. Is the total amount covered enough for you?
    • Personal possessions cover normally covers you out and about in the UK. If you plan to take your bag on holiday, you’ll need to check you have worldwide cover.
    • Do you have accidental damage cover for your handbag? For example, if something is spilt on it?

    If your home insurance does not give you the level of cover you need, buy dedicated handbag insurance. As well as total peace of mind, it can be cheaper to take out a standalone policy. And it won’t affect your no-claims bonus on your home insurance if you do make a claim.

    When you’re getting a handbag insurance quote

    If you decide you do need handbag insurance, here are our tips to help you to get the cheapest quote:

    1) Get a tailored quote

    You don’t want to fork out for cover that you’re not going to need. If you’re not planning on taking your bag abroad, you don’t need overseas cover. Look for bespoke cover so you only pay for the level of cover you need.

    One of the best features of our insurance deals at Easy2insure is that they are particularly flexible. You can customise them to your requirements to create a bespoke package. And because we’re an online company we have much lower overheads than many of our competitors, which means we can pass on all the savings straight to you.

    2) Get cover for contents

    Don’t forget the contents of your bag. When you’re getting a quote for handbag insurance see how much more it will cost to cover your bag contents too.

    3) Shop around

    The golden rule when you want to save money on insurance is to shop around. Different insurance companies can offer very different prices for the same level of cover. The only way to discover if you are getting the best value deal is to get as many different quotes as you can.

    You can do this yourself by phoning around insurance companies or looking online. To save you time our Easy2Insure team can compare prices on your behalf. We’re independent insurance brokers, so we use our industry contacts and insurance knowledge to secure you the best value prices.

    If you want Easy2Insure to help you to get a great deal on handbag insurance you just need to decide what package you need and complete the simple online form. Then one of our friendly representatives will contact you to check all the details. That means you can be confident you’re getting the right level of cover for you.

    Making it Easy2Insure your handbag

    Whether you’re heading away for a long holiday or simply want some reassurance when you’re out shopping with your belongings, our handbag cover will give you the peace of mind you need. You can choose as many add-ons as you like, while our team will be happy to offer help and guidance throughout the process.

    We are the successful online division of the established Park Insurance group and are trusted by many leading insurers to act as their ‘preferred brokers’. We offer outstanding benefits, terms, and discounts for all of our approved products. For peace of mind, Easy2insure is registered under the Financial Conduct Authority and only employs operators that are CII qualified. We charge no hidden fees and offer fully-inclusive prices to make your budgeting easier.

    To contact us directly for further information about our manbag insurance and handbag cover, call our friendly team on 0800 917 9522.

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