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It's easy 2 get a cheap Camper Van insurance quote

Camper vans are making a big comeback. Whether you’re talking about a funky, retro ‘pop top’ VW that invokes memories of summers by the beach with a surfboard attached to the roof rack, or the latest in high-tech campers with all mod cons, a camper van represents a great investment, especially for families.

But you still need to insure it, and that’s where we can help. Rather than opting for ordinary car insurance, we make it easy to insure your camper van with a range of specialist camper van insurance deals online. At Easy2Insure, we know that your camper van isn’t an impulse buy – it’s a real investment of both time and love. While you may not be out and about in your camper van every day of the week, when you do head off on that holiday by the sea you want the peace of mind knowing that your insurance covers every eventuality.

Camper van insurance at a great price

Statistically, people who drive camper vans and motor homes tend to be involved in fewer accidents on the road. They’re careful drivers and take real pride in looking after their vehicles. So we make sure that our camper van insurance and motorhome insurance deals reflect that. As part of the highly respected Park Insurance Group, we can source the best deals for camper van insurance from a host of top name insurance suppliers. Those deals can also include some essential extras for camper van owners such as cover for awnings and generators – items that are rarely covered on normal car insurance.

We can also make sure that you’re covered both at home and on the continent, with deals that include foreign travel insurance and motorhome insurance abroad.

How Easy2Insure can help

At Easy2Insure, we’re experts at finding you great deals on specialist insurance that other brokers just don’t do. As the online arm of Park Insurance, we have access to over 20 years’ experience in offering specialist insurance. We do our fair share of camping and caravaning too, so our expert advisers have first-hand experience of what camper van owners are looking for in their camper van insurance. We’ll find you the best deals at prices that you can afford, and because we’re an online brokerage, we can keep our prices even lower and pass on the savings directly to you. We’re here 24/7 if you need advice and information.

Find out more by browsing our website or contact us now for a free, no-obligation quotation and a chat with one of our friendly team.

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