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9 Ways To Get Your Campervan Summer Ready

The yellow of daffodils illuminating gardens and hedgerows is a sure sign that warmer weather is just around the corner. For campervan owners that means it won’t be long until you can head back out on the road. So grab your scrubbing brush and hold on to your dipstick: here are our top 9 tips to get your campervan summer ready.

1) Get scrubbing

First, start with the outside. Scrub away the dirt accumulated over the winter months. Polish. Then stand back and think about all the admiring glances you’ll be getting when you park up at the campsite this season. But giving your campervan a good clean is more than just a chance to get it looking its best. It will also get you up close to the paintwork to check for any signs of rust or deterioration of the seals around the glass or lights.

2) Are you ready to go?

There’s no point having a gleaming campervan if it won’t go. Leaving your campervan over winter could have left the batteries flat unless it’s been hooked up to a trickle charger. Now is the time to get behind the wheel and try to start her up!

3) Other essentials

Before you set off on your adventures it’s also wise to check oil levels and fill it up if needed. Checking the lights are all working too can give you peace of mind that you won’t discover only one light is working when you’re negotiating a dark Cornish lane.

4) Tyres

Whilst they may not have got any wear whilst being parked up over winter, you still need to check your tyres. Look for signs like cracking to see if the tyre wall is starting to perish. If it is, it’s worth replacing tyres sooner rather than later as you don’t want to risk a blow-out. Also check your tyre pressure, as being parked up can lead to pressure dropping. If you drive with your campervan tyres too low, it can lead to uneven wear and could even increase your fuel consumption! And don’t forget to check your spare too.

5) What about on the inside?

Your campervan might be clean and the engine working well, but is it somewhere you really want to sleep in? Water leaks and condensation can lead to mould and mildew. So pull on your rubber gloves and clean out the inside. You also need to try and keep it dry to stop the problem coming back. Have a really good look around to see if you can spot where water is getting in so you can fix it. Window and door seals are the most common culprits. And try using some dehumidifying crystals to reduce moisture in the air too.

6) Water and waste

Mould and mildew may also have infiltrated your water and waste systems over the cooler months. Flush out systems and give them all a good clean.

7) Fire safety

It’s wise to carry a fire extinguisher in your van so you can deal with any emergencies quickly. But did you know fire extinguishers have a limited life span? Check it’s still in date and if not, make sure you replace it. It could save your life.

8) Paperwork essentials

Finally, before you head off on the open road, don’t forget to check your paperwork is all up to date. You’ll need a valid MOT, road tax, and insurance. If these are not in order, you risk hefty fines that will be a sure way to ruin your trip away. You can check if your MOT is still valid here. And find out if your vehicle tax has run out here.

Specialist campervan insurance will ensure you’re covered for some of the extras you might not have thought about, like your awning or generator. And for a stress-free road trip, take out breakdown cover at the same time. Then, you’ll know that even if you breakdown you can travel on to your destination or home without any hassle.

9) Finding cheap campervan insurance you can count on

Shopping around is always the first step towards finding the best price for your insurance. But your campervan is a specialist vehicle, and standard car insurance won’t cut it. That means it can be hard to know where to start looking for campervan insurance. And it can be time-consuming to call around or fill in multiple online forms.

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