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Breakdown Insurance for Europe – What you need to know

If you’re packing up your campervan, car, or motorbike and heading over The Channel, don’t forget breakdown insurance for Europe. Unlike forgotten toothpaste or clothes, it’s something you can’t buy once you’re there. So make it part of your essential holiday planning so you can enjoy a relaxing time away.


What does breakdown insurance for Europe include?

Just like in the UK, you can opt for different levels of cover when you choose European breakdown insurance. If your car breaks down, you’ll have a number to call summoning a local breakdown service to your rescue. Double check first if your cover has a limit to the cost of required roadside assistance.


They’ll then try and fix your car by the side of the road. And if they can’t, they’ll tow you to the nearest garage where it will be fixed. Again, watch out because different levels of European breakdown cover will pay different amounts towards this repair work.


The number you call for help will assist in English, so you won’t be left struggling with the language barrier. And that makes it a lot easier and quicker for you to get on your way again, so you can still enjoy your holiday. For extra peace of mind, look for insurance that will pay out if your car needs to be brought back to the UK to be repaired. Some options will also pay out for extras like replacement tickets if you miss your train or ferry because of the breakdown.


Does your current breakdown cover include European cover?

There’s no point paying out twice for the same thing. If you already have breakdown cover for the UK, double check with your provider to see if you’re covered in Europe as well. If you are, next you’ll need to check what is included. Don’t just assume that you’ll have the same level of cover as you do in the UK. It’s also worth checking if there is a limited to the number of days your trip can last. And read the small print to see if there is a cap on the amount that will be paid out for accommodation or to continue to your destination.


If you do need to take out additional cover for your travels in Europe, you could contact your UK breakdown provider to see how much it would cost to add on. Alternatively, it could be cheaper to source it separately. If you want to save your money for sightseeing or souvenirs, get ready to ring around to get a bunch of quotes or use an independent insurance broker, like Easy2Insure, to do this for you.


Breakdown cover in Europe for towing a caravan

If you’re towing a trailer or caravan, check on any restrictions to size or weight in your breakdown cover before you set off. If you need specialist cover for your vehicle and trailer, speak to your broker who will be able to source exactly what you need.


Driving older vehicles

Beware. Many European breakdown cover options are suitable only for vehicles aged less than six years. Speak to your broker for a quote if you need cover for an older vehicle, or you’re travelling in a classic.


Don’t forget other insurance essentials while you’re away

Do you need to cover your kit while you’re away? Easy2Insure can help with other essential travel insurance, to cover bikes, baggage, iPads, and phones while you’re away too.


Get a free quote today

Breakdown insurance for Europe gives you peace of min. If something does go wrong during your road trip, you can get on your way again swiftly and easily. Whether you’re planning a quick dash to France for the weekend or a couple of months exploring Eastern Europe, Easy2Insure make it simple to find cheap European breakdown insurance that you can rely on. Call us on 0800 9179522 or get a quote today.