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Broken down car breakdown insurance quote

10 Things You Should Know Before You Get A Breakdown Insurance Quote

There are nearly 26 million cars on UK roads getting us to work, school, or away for a happy holiday. Most of our journeys have a purpose, and we want to get there and back as quickly and easily as possible. Whilst you never know when your car or motorbike is going to break down, you can be sure that it will be inconvenient and stressful. Breakdown Insurance can help ease the financial stress and reassure you that you’ll be quickly on your way again.

Things to think about before you get a breakdown insurance quote

  • Do I need breakdown cover?

You don’t have to take out roadside rescue cover, but having it can certainly give you extra peace of mind. If you often drive at night, in more remote areas or with a young family, it could be considered especially useful.

  • Do you already have roadside recovery cover?

Before you get a breakdown insurance quote, it’s worth checking if you’re already covered. It is automatically included with some car insurance policies. But it’s worth checking that the cover that is included is suitable for your needs. If your car is less than three years old, it may also come with breakdown insurance as part of the warranty.

  • Don’t assume you have breakdown cover through your bank

If you think you have breakdown cover through your bank, it is worth double-checking. Sometimes bank card privileges can change. You also need to check that the level of breakdown cover that is offered through your bank is suitable for your needs. For example, check if there are any restrictions on distances from home. And make sure you’re guaranteed to be driven onwards to your chosen destination if you need this.

  • Do I need specialist breakdown cover?

Do you tow a caravan or horsebox? If so, you’ll need specialist breakdown cover designed to help you continue your journey. Specialist horsebox cover ensures you’ll be rescued by a company that can help deal with your horses as well as the mechanics. And caravan breakdown cover is designed to transport both your car and your caravan to where you need to go.

  • It’s not just old cars that break down

Breakdown insurance may be a very sensible idea if your car is older and less reliable. But newer cars can also go wrong. Sophisticated electrics and a lack of a spare tyre in the boot are just two of the things that commonly see drivers of newer cars needing roadside rescue.

How to get cheaper breakdown insurance

  • Let your broker know if you cover a limited number of miles

Just like with your car insurance, you could save money on your breakdown cover if you only cover a limited number of miles each year. Let your broker know, so they can factor this in when looking for quotes.

  • Consider the excess

Some breakdown insurance companies charge an excess for any call-out. This can help bring down the cost of cover but could cost you more if you do make a claim.

  • Check if the number of call-outs is limited

Some cheaper breakdown options may limit the number of call-outs you can make in 12 months. It can be a cost-effective option if you’re confident that your car is reliable and you’re unlikely to need roadside assistance. But if your car is older, or unreliable, it may not be the most prudent option for you.

  • Other ways to save money

One way to save money on your breakdown cover may be to buy it at the same time as your car insurance. Or if you own several cars, a multi-car policy could save you cash.

  • Shop around for the best value deal

Like all insurance, it pays to shop around when getting a breakdown insurance quote. If that sounds like too much hassle, use an impartial insurance broker like Easy2Insure. Simply fill in our form or call us on 0800 9179522 and we’ll scour quotes from a wide range of insurance companies to find the one best suited to your individual needs.

We’re independent insurance brokers, so we’re free to look around to find the best deal available to you. And our experience and knowledge mean you can be sure we’ll find the right cover at the right price.