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Top 5 Campervan Essentials for Summer

The sun’s shining, and it’s perfect weather to hit the road for a trip in your campervan, motorhome, or RV. From what to pack to campervan insurance, here are our top 5 campervan essentials for summer.


1) What to pack

Whether this summer makes records for sunshine and high temperatures or is a damper affair, a thermal blind is a campervan packing essential. It keeps the heat out on hot days and in on chilly evenings. If the sun is shining where you go, a portable solar charger will help you keep your tablet, phone and other essential tech charged. Even the most popular sites can sometimes have uneven pitches. Invest in some levelling ramps to make sure you don’t wake up to find all the blood has drained to your head. Other useful kit for your campervan holiday includes a torch, cooking utensils, and matches or a lighter. And a sat nav will mean you can find even the most hidden campsites.


2) Paperwork essentials

Before you get behind the wheel, check that your campervan insurance gives you the peace of mind you need for happy holidays.

  • All campervans, RVs, and motorhomes need to have third party insurance as a minimum by law.
  • Comprehensive insurance, including legal costs, can give you extra reassurance that your investment in your campervan is protected.
  • If you’re travelling across The Channel, you’ll need to make sure you’re covered in Europe.
  • If you’re hitting the road in a classic VDub, make sure you’ve got an agreed value policy that recognises your van’s real value.
  • Finally, if your camper has been modified in any way, make sure that’s all mentioned on your insurance. If it’s not, your insurance could be void, leaving you with a hefty bill.

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3) Safe to go

Carrying a fire extinguisher on board is always a wise precaution. Keep it close to your cooking stove and double check it’s not past its ‘use by’ date. A first aid kit is another campervan essential.


4) Last minute maintenance

Your campervan will need an up to date MOT if it is more than three years old. But there are some other essential maintenance checks to make before you hit the road. Give the tyres a quick check to make sure there is plenty of wear left in them. Summer downpours can cause hazardous driving conditions, so plenty of grip under you will make the journey feel much safer. You’ll also need to check your tyre pressures are correct. This can save you money by reducing fuel use as well as being necessary for safety. If you haven’t been out in your campervan for a while, double check oil levels and that all the light bulbs are working. And top up the water in your washers.


5) Clean and ready

Give your campervan a show shine with a clean and polish before you set off on your road trip. It will help make you the envy of the campsite, as well as bee a chance for you to double check that things like window seals are all intact.


Enjoy your trip!

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