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Here’s What No One Tells You About Gadget Insurance

We check it an average of 27 times a day. But what would happen if you reach to your pocket and your phone is not there or is not working? Does the thought of being without your tech bring you out in a cold sweat? Or do you worry about the cost of replacing it? Whether it is stolen, lost or damaged, gadget insurance gives you peace of mind you can quickly reconnect without bill bills. But not all cover for your phone, iPad or other tech is equal. Here’s what no one tells you about gadget insurance:

Shock, horror. You might not have the cover you think you have

There are lots of different insurance products available to protect your essential gadgets. You could be tempted to opt for the cheapest policy, or even go without taking out specialist insurance because you think you’re already covered by home insurance. But watch out for our top 11 common insurance traps and misconceptions that could leave you stranded without your tech.

1) My phone is covered by my home insurance, right?

Err. Maybe not. Check with your broker. Your phone or tablet may be covered against fire or theft, but that is likely to only be if it is in the property that the insurance covers. If you’re out and about or at a friend’s house when you lose or damage your phone, you might not be covered.

2) If I lose or damage my phone, insurance will pay for a new one

Again, not always. Many gadget policies will try to repair your gadget. If that’s not possible, you may get a ‘like for like’ replacement of the same age and condition. If you want a ‘new for old’ replacement you’ll need to check your insurance covers that.

3) I’ll get an instant replacement

If speedy replacement is essential for you, make sure you opt for gadget insurance that promises to get you reconnected with a replacement within 24 hours. Otherwise, you could be left for several weeks waiting for your phone or tablet to be returned to you.

4) Making unlimited claims on your insurance

Some gadget insurance policies stipulate a maximum number of claims you can make in one year. If you’re very unlucky, or just forgetful, you could find yourself unable to claim. Double check if your policy has a limit before you sign on the dotted line.

5) Insurance always covers you for anything that could go wrong

Another misconception is that all gadget insurance covers you for everything that could go wrong. The most basic policies are unlikely to cover you if they consider that you have not taken ‘reasonable’ care. That means you won’t get a thing if you leave your phone behind on a restaurant table or the bus. For full peace of mind, make sure you’re covered for those forgetful moments!

6) The hidden costs of having your phone stolen

if your phone is stolen, you could find yourself faced with a big bill for any unauthorised calls that are made. There is a cap on the amount mobile phone companies can charge you, but you need to report your phone as missing or stolen within 24 hours. Checking you are covered for unauthorised calls gives added reassurance.

7) Are you covered overseas?

Roaming charges may now be the same in Europe as at home, but does your gadget insurance cover you for trips abroad?

8) Beware of high excesses

Opting for a higher excess (the amount you automatically have to pay when you make a claim) may help to make your premium cheaper. But make sure it doesn’t negate the point of making a claim.

9) Hang on to your paperwork

if you make a claim against your gadget insurance you’ll normally need to provide your original receipt as proof of purchase. Make sure you hold on to this, or you may not be able to make your claim.

9) Liquid damage

A survey by Sony found that up to 75% of people admit using their phone on the toilet. And dropping down the loo accounts for nearly half of all claims for water damage to mobiles. But liquid damage is not always included as standard. To make sure you’re covered against that sinking feeling of watching your phone submerge under liquid, speak to your broker.

10) It stops working

Why is it that our electronics always seem to break down the moment they come out of warranty? It’s very annoying, but if you select a policy that covers electrical or mechanical breakdown you can get it put right without big repair bills. It not always standard on cheaper insurance policies, so double check first if you want this peace of mind.

11) Accessories and downloads

Accessories, like your cover or headphones, can also be included in your insurance as an add-on. And don’t forget the hidden costs of re-purchasing expensive downloads if your gadget is lost or stolen. Look for a policy that covers their replacement to avoid a nasty shock.

Cheap gadget insurance you can count on

Once you’ve decided on the level of cover you need, it’s time to look for the best value deal. You’ll need to shop around. You could use a comparison website, but make sure you read the small print very carefully or you could end up without the cover you need. Or get in touch with our experienced team and let them do the ringing around for you. We’re part of the Park Insurance group with over 30 years of experience helping people to find the right insurance at the right price. That means you’ll get a cheap price with no nasty shocks if you do need to make a claim. Call us now on 0800 917 9522 for a free quote or get in touch.