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How to get the best iPad insurance quote

Have you winced at the photos online showing an iPad being used as a chopping board? Whether it’s a Pro or Mini, most of us reach for our iPad every day. From work to play, we use it for everything from staying in the social loop to watching movies – but hopefully never for preparing vegetables…

They don’t come cheap, so it’s little wonder that if it breaks, gets lost or is stolen our anxiety levels shoot up. Avoid being left out in the social darkness without your gadget, avoid hefty repair bills and avoid forking out for a new iPad with the right insurance. Most gadget insurance policies can be tailored to your needs, so you pay for the cover you want without forking out for cover you don’t. Follow our guide to help you to get the best iPad insurance for you.

Where do you use your iPad?

The places where you use your iPad can help you to decide on the level of cover you need. The cheapest cover will offer protection at home. But if you take it out and about with you for work or leisure, including trips abroad, make sure your insurance policy covers your tablet away from the home too.

Do you use it for work?

Some policies might not cover you for business use, so if you use your iPad for work make sure you are covered or you could get a nasty shock when you make a claim.

Can you cope without it?

Repairs can take weeks. If the thought of being without your iPad for that length of time makes you break out in a cold sweat, look for a policy with 24-hour replacement or one that lets you take it to your closest Apple store for a faster fix.

Do you often lose things?

Are you the sort of person who often leaves things behind on the train? You’ll pay more for gadget cover that pays out for loss, but that could be money well spent if you’re likely to lose your iPad.

Do you have other gadgets that you need to insure?

If you have other gadgets, like a smartphone, laptop or PC, look for a multi-gadget policy to cover them all. This can sometimes work out cheaper than insuring each item separately.

Are downloads included?

Some insurance policies will also cover you for replacing your downloads, like music. If that’s important to you, make sure it’s included in your quote.

Check the excess

As with all insurance, the amount of excess (the figure you have to pay if you make a claim) can greatly affect the cost of your premiums. The higher the excess, the lower the premium. If the premium costs are too high and you don’t mind paying a greater excess, make sure you ask for this in your quote.

Don’t pay twice for cover

Your home contents insurance policy might already include cover for your essential tech, but not all do or you may not get a replacement or repair as quickly as you’d like. Check your home policy first but if it’s not up to the level of cover you need, take out separate cover for your peace of mind.

If your iPad is still under warranty it will be covered for mechanical faults, but remember it won’t be covered for theft, loss or accidental damage.

Cheap iPad insurance quote

Once you’ve decided exactly what level of cover you need, you can look for the best price deal. You might be tempted to take out an insurance deal offered by the seller. That might be quick and convenient, but beware they don’t always offer the best price available. Instead, it’s wise to take some time to shop around for the best deal or if it is speed and convenience you’re after, get an experienced insurance broker like Easy2Insure to do the job for you.

Check the small print before you buy

If you’re shopping around for best value gadget insurance or using a comparison website, be sure to check the small print of any cheap deals before you buy. Make sure it offers the level of service and speed of replacement that you need, or buy your insurance through an expert broker like Easy2Insure for reassurance that you’ll get the exact level of cover that you wanted with no nasty surprises when you come to make a claim.

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