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Essential Guide to Land Insurance 

From building plots and fields to private roads, you’re liable if something goes wrong on any land you own. Land Insurance gives you peace of mind that you’re financially protected from claims against you. We answer your top questions so you can find out if you need it, what it covers, and how to get the best price.

Why do I need land insurance?

If someone hurts themselves, or damages their property, on your land they can sue you. Land insurance is a sort of public liability insurance that pays your legal fees, and any compensation awarded, if that happens. As solicitor costs and pay-outs can be very expensive, land insurance is an essential for financial peace of mind for most people who own pieces of land.

Is land owners insurance a legal requirement?

No. Land insurance is not a legal requirement. But considering the potential costs if something unforeseen does happen, it is considered prudent by most land owners.

What sort of land can be covered by land insurance?

Land insurance covers ‘vacant’ land. Even if this land is adjacent to other land you own, if it has a separate title it is likely it will need insuring separately. You can check boundaries here. The sorts of land that can be covered by land insurance includes:

  • Fields with or without public rights of way
  • Building plots (single or large-scale)
  • Woodland
  • Land with water, including rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes
  • Derelict buildings
  • Private roads
  • Car parks

Do I need land insurance for my garden?

No. Land insurance is a type of insurance devised for land where there is no dwelling. Your home insurance will normally cover you for any claims of damages brought against you for accidents that happen in your garden as long as it does not hold a separate title to your property.

Can a claim be brought against me by someone who is trespassing?

Yes. Trespassing is considered a civil wrong, not a criminal offence. Landowners have a duty of care to take reasonable steps to protect members of the public from potential dangers on their land. This includes trespassers. For example, if you leave chemicals within reach and a child who is trespassing accesses them, you could be held liable for damages. In today’s ‘no-win, no-fee’ culture, it is very easy for claims to be brought against you. Even if you are found at no fault, the legal fees to get to that point can mount up substantially.

I’ve got a footpath on my land – can land insurance cover that?

Yes. Even if you’ve got public access running through your land, you can find land insurance to cover your liabilities.

We are a group of owners with a shared, private road access to our properties. What can we do?

Your land insurance policy can be adapted to cater for multiple parties on a single policy to protect private roads.

I have a derelict building on the land. Is that covered?

A run-down structure can pose an increased risk. Although the building itself may have no real financial value, if you have one on your land you will need to specify it.

Can anything else be covered by land insurance?

Yes. As well as protecting your public liability, land insurance can also protect you financially from damage that could occur on your land caused accidentally or by straying animals. This can include things like broken gates or fences.

How much will land insurance cost?

This depends on the size, location and type of land you want to insure. For example, costs will be higher if there is public access or risky features such as water or building work on the site. It will also be higher if the land is in a city compared to a remote part of the country. Get in touch for a free quote.

How do I get the best value premium for my land insurance?

  • Increase the excess. Higher excesses generally mean lower premiums. Just be careful not to opt for too high an excess
  • Limit the indemnity. The indemnity is the maximum limit that can be paid out – for example, £1million, £5million or £10million. Depending on the level of risk your land could pose, you can select the level most appropriate to you. Just be careful not to opt too low or it could cost you big in the long run.
  • Shop around for the best value deal. Land insurance is a specialist insurance, and you’ll find some insurance companies

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