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Storing your caravan for winter: 10 quick tips

Now the nights are really drawing in, it’s time to turn your attention to storing your caravan for the winter. Nothing beats the feeling of freedom when you hit the road with your own caravan in tow. You’re free to go where you want and stay where you want. But even the hardiest of us caravan owners normally reserve our road trip adventures in the UK to the warmer months. If you’re going to be leaving your caravan unused for the next couple of months it pays to prep it properly. Time spent now can save money in the long run and ensure your caravan is ready to go next spring. If you’re not sure what you need to do, here are 10 quick tips to store your caravan for winter.


1) Sort out security

It can be heart-breaking to go to your caravan and discover it’s been broken into, or worse …not there! When it’s left over winter your caravan is a sitting target for thieves. So it’s worth thinking carefully of ways to keep it as safe and secure as possible. If you’re storing your caravan away from your home, think carefully about the location. Is it in a well-secured area? Fitting extra security devices like locks, security spikes, alarms, and CCTV can also deter criminals. And it’s a good idea to remove valuables, like TVs, that could be an added temptation for thieves.


2) Lose the leaks

Water leaks are the bane of every caravan owner. Checking the rubbers seals around your windows and doors takes only a few minutes, but could save you hours of cleaning up again. Look for the tell-tale cracks that show the rubber is perishing. Then get these replaced to help keep the damp and water out.


3) Dismiss damp

It’s not just leaks that can result in water damage. When your caravan is shut up for weeks at a time you run the risk of condensation forming and causing damp and mildew. Once formed, the dark fungal spots can be tricky to shift completely. Instead, take preventative action. Choose a bright, sunny day to air your caravan thoroughly. It’s worth checking the weather forecast to make sure humidity is low on that day, as moisture in the air is not visible. Carefully check that the inside of the caravan is totally dry before shutting it up for the winter.


Some DIY remedies to help prevent damp include using bowls of salt, which will absorb moisture from the air. Or you could try using shop-bought humidity crystals, which do the same job. Check and change/dry out your salt/crystals throughout the winter months so they can keep on doing their job.


4) Awesome awnings

Take out your awning and give it a good clean. Make sure it is 100% dry before putting away.


5) A fresh fridge

Before shutting up your caravan for the winter, be sure to double check you haven’t left anything in your fridge. You really do not want to discover a pint of milk next spring that has been left since the summer. Give the fridge a good wipe down to remove any traces of food. Using bicarbonate of soda can be especially effective and will help to neutralise any odours. And leave the fridge door open to allow air to circulate.


6) Forget flat spots

Even if you’re not taking your caravan out, try to move it around regularly to avoid flat spots forming on the tyres. If left in one place all winter, the weight pressure will damage the tyres. If you do take it for a quick drive on the road, make sure all your caravan insurance and breakdown insurance is in place.


7) Collect up the cushions

It’s a good idea to remove all the soft furnishings, like cushions, and store them at home. These are always a magnet for damp, and despite all your efforts can end up smelling musty if left in situ. Instead, take them home, wash them, dry them thoroughly and store until you’re ready to set off for your next adventure.


8) Beat battery blues

Remove the battery and store somewhere dry and cool unless it’s connected to your caravan alarm system. And don’t forget the batteries in items like clocks or your TV remote. These can leak if left unused, damaging the items containing them.


9) Get out the gas

It’s prudent to remove your gas cylinders before storing your caravan for winter. Leave them in a safe, cool, well-ventilated space.


10) Wipe out water woes

Freezing temperatures can mean frozen pipes and splits. And when frozen pipes thaw that can mean water damage. Make sure your water systems are totally empty over winter. Open and drain all the taps, not forgetting your shower. And remove your water filters to store them somewhere frost-free.


Another way to protect your caravan this winter

Just because your caravan is off the road, it doesn’t mean you won’t need insurance. Protect it from fire, storm damage, and theft over the winter months with caravan insurance. It’s Easy2Insure your caravan when you call our helpful team. We’ll use our industry contacts to secure you a value for money deal that is tailored to your specific needs. Just call us on 0800 917 9522 or get a free quote today.