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What Does Pet Insurance Cover

What Does Pet Insurance Cover? – An easy to follow guide

What Does Pet Insurance Cover? – An easy to follow guide

Pet insurers pay out a whopping £1.8 million per day for the veterinary treatment of insured pets. The average claim is now over £700 – nearly three times the typical annual cost of pet insurance.

We love our pets like one of the family. Just like us, they can become ill or suffer from an accident. But unfortunately, there’s no NHS for pets, leaving owners faced with large vet bills for even basic care.

If your pet falls ill or is injured the last thing you’ll want to worry about is how you’ll pay for treatment. By taking out pet insurance, you’ll be able to relax knowing that these financial stresses will be taken care of. But what exactly is covered by pet insurance? And what do you need to look out for when selecting the best policy for your pet and you?

Read our easy to follow guide to find out more:

Why do I need pet insurance?

There is no legal requirement to take out pet insurance. You could just cross your fingers and hope that your pet will remain healthy. There is a risk with this course of action that you could find yourself faced with huge bills if your pet does become unwell.

Whilst there’s no knowing what could happen in the future, what is clear is that vets fees are rising. This is in part thanks to the launch of new drugs and treatments that can do so much to help our pets to live longer.

Pet insurance to suit you and your pet

Insurance companies offer a range of policies to suit your budget and needs. Pet insurance options include:

  • Accident only. This type of pet insurance will pay out a fixed sum to help to pay for your pet’s treatment if they suffer an accident – but not for an illness. However, some policies may also offer an amount of money towards any emergency treatment needed for an illness, so check your policy wording. Also, check if the policy has a time limit on the length of time any treatment will be covered.
  • Per condition with a time limit. This pet insurance covers treatment of an injury due to an accident or illness. However, there is a time limit (usually 12 months) for how long treatment will be paid for.
  • Per condition (no limit). With per condition policies, treatment for each illness or injury is covered for any length of time, but up to a stated maximum cost. If the illness or injury gets better, but then reoccurs again it will no longer be covered by the insurance.
  • Lifetime cover. The most comprehensive pet insurance you can buy, lifetime cover insures all new illnesses and injuries. If you take out a lifetime policy on your pet when it is healthy, treatment will be paid out for recurring and long-term illness, as long as you continue to renew it every year.

What types of pets can be covered?

Almost any pet can be covered by pet insurance, including dogs, cats, tortoises, snakes, lizards, horses, parrots and rabbits.

Can I choose where I take my pet for treatment?

You can be reassured that Easy2insure will only source cover from insurance companies that use professional veterinary staff. We also only offer plans that won’t limit where you can take your pet in the case of an emergency. That means no surprise bills and complete peace of mind for you.

How do I get the cheapest pet insurance?

The cost of pet insurance varies depending on where you live, and the age and breed of your pet. Most policies will not cover existing conditions or older pets, so it’s better to take cover whilst your pet is still young and healthy.

To find the best prices on pet insurance, it’s important to shop around. Premiums can vary greatly between insurance companies, so be prepared to spend some time online or on the phone, or use an independent broker like Easy2insure to do the searching for you.

The easy way to get pet insurance you can trust

Easy2insure are independent insurance brokers, working with Healthy Pets. We are also the preferred broker for some of the UK’s biggest insurance providers.

This means we have been able to negotiate competitively priced premiums from reputable companies for your reassurance.

With over 30 years experience, we offer a friendly, personalised service that you can trust to find you the best deal for you and your precious pet. Get a no-obligation quote now.